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After a hard day at work, sometimes all you want to do is just come home, kick off your shoes, crack open a beer and flip on the television. Is that so much to ask? You worked your butt off for nine hours and drove another hour (each way) in traffic, so having a moment to yourself to stretch out your legs and give your brain a rest is all that you want. Sure, you'll get to the other chores and things that need to get done, but after dinner. Everyone needs some recharge time, even during the day, so why in the world should you be the one guy who isn't allowed to do it?

Your ex always complained that you were worthless and a bump on the log as soon as you got home and then she had to rub it into your face that she worked that day and she's still up and about, doing errands. Now, you don't want to get into the fact that working on the factory floor for nine hours, lifting heavy machinery is a bit different from playing solitaire or Angry Birds on the office computer, because you made that mistake once and still have to hear about it every single time you want a moment of relaxation immediately after work. So, you just keep your mouth shoot and take the complaints, attempting to let them role off your back, but the name calling does start to build up.

You put up with all of this and yet, for whatever reason the last time you came home and went upstairs to see what the ex misses wanted done, she was hoping up and down on top of the guy in her pilates class. First of all, how in the world could she do this to you, and second of all, what kind of guy goes to a pilates class and still has any form of self respect for himself to be seen in society? So, you kick her out of the house. Tossing her male bum out while trying to put his belt back on did kind of feel good, but other than that, what in the world are you suppose to do now? Besides burning the bed and sleeping on the couch, with as much beer and football as you can find (even repeats of classic games you've watched on television before because heck, old football is still better than no football), what do you do now? Well, there is any number of things you could do, but wouldn't it be great to be out with a woman who is a billion times hotter, younger and skinnier than your ex ever was?

Wouldn't it be great to plaster all of those pictures up on Facebook for her and all of her spying friends friends to see? Of course it would. It would be so sweet. But how do you go about doing this? Well, instead of tossing up Craigslist Ads asking for a revenge date (a word of advice...don't do Craigslist dating...you're just asking for a nut job or a fork stabbed into your cranium), it is time to hit up Vegas. What's in Vegas? The GFE experience of your life.

The GFE Experience to End All GFE Experiences

Alright, so you might want any future girlfriends to give you a bit of leeway when it comes to enjoying a beer after work and just kicking back? But how in the world can you incorporate this into what the GFE escorts are going to do for you in Vegas? Well, here's the kicker. The stunning escorts Las Vegas has to offer are going to do anything for you. So you want to just kick off your shoes, drink a beer, watch the football game and have her strip down and give you a full body massage with her chest? Sounds like the world's greatest fantasy, doesn't it?

Well, imagine and dream no longer because the Las Vegas girls are more than happy to do this for you. Heck, you can pull out the foam-dome helmet with the straw running form two cans of beer around your head so you don't even need to use your hands. While you are at it, you might as well order two escorts to your room, this way one of the girls can rub you with her naked body and the second can fee you pizza slices while you watch the game. How about a picture of that posted on your Facebook wall? Alright, that kind of picture might get you banned from the social media website for a while. The "Free the Nipple" campaign hasn't really panned out just yet. That doesn't mean there isn't another great photo opportunity for you and the beautiful girls in Vegas.

Make the Ex Jealous

Chances are, if you did catch your ex riding the pilates guy like an amusement park ride, she feels a bit bad about it. If she doesn't, well it just means she's not human and is pure evil. Either way, it is up to you to not only have a blast taking advantage of the girls direct to you in Sin City, but you should also add a bit of salt into those wounds and really show her what a great time you can have. Of course, while that picture of you getting the full rub down while being fed pizza might sound great, it probably isn't going to display you in the best light. She might just think you are a slob and feel justified doing what she did.

No, you want to make her feel bad yet also discouraged that you are with a more beautiful, younger and thinner woman than she is (or, if you ever talked about Asian women, maybe going with one of the Las Vegas Asian escorts). Instead, you need to hit up a fancy restaurant, where you are dressed up and your bombshell Las Vegas escort is as well. If there is one thing call girls in Las Vegas can do, it is look jaw dropping amazing in a cocktail dress or evening gown. Now these are the pictures you want. The two of you, enjoying an amazing dinner together, maybe you bring over the restaurant violinist to serenade the two of you with an incredible classical tune (or maybe John William's Star Wars theme, because let's face it, your ex never allowed you to truly enjoy your fandom anyways). That would be the perfect photograph. Sitting cheek to cheek with the beautiful Asian escorts Las Vegas can find.

Even though you probably de-friended your ex and made it as brutal of a cut off as possible, you know she still has mutual friends who are checking out your page. So, when this beauty of a photograph creeps up onto your wall, of you with your fantasy girl, having a romantic dinner and looking like two star crossed lovers, well it is just going to be too much for her to handle. Now, if you decide to go about doing it like this, don't just post all of your pictures at once. Instead, you want to refrain from posting any obvious "Welcome to Vegas" pictures. Instead, you want to just subtly drop a picture form time to time. Bide your time as you provide these tantalizing photographs, of you and your date at dinner, then maybe at a show and cuddling in the hotel room.

It works if you have different clothing on, so it looks like it spans over multiple weeks. You want to constantly remind her that not only have you moved on, but you are with someone who is so much better than she could ever dream to be. And you, well working like a man at the plant is so much better than pilates guy. Yeah, you might not be able to rock your hip flexers from side to side while thrusting your clavicle forward and touching your shoulder blade, but you know how to rebuild that F-150 engine from top to bottom. Besides, should someone's car break down on the side of the road, are they flagging down the scrawny guy who even knows for sure what his clavicle is? No, probably not (unless she's just as deranged as the Craigslist date girls).